Gender Smart Safety


The portal is intended only for firms that have participated in the PNG BCFW Gender Smart Safety training. It is to be used for the purpose of entering audit data, once a baseline or repeat women's safety audit has been conducted. If you have completed this training and require a login, please contact the BCFW.

Users will be able to enter new audit results, compare their progress over time, view their audit results against country averages, and download information to assist with completing future women's safety audits. All the tools used in the audit process are available in the Resource Library, including a refresher video on how to complete a women's safety audit on a worksite.

All data is strictly confidential. Users can only see their own audit results and country averages. They will not have access to the data of any other organisation. The BCFW and IFC may view the data from time to time to assist with programming, and to inform activities through the Gender Smart Safety Community of Practice. They will not release or share any data without prior written consent.